Top 3 Myths Perpetuated by Data Vendors

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Myth #1: “Our Data is Bigger and Better”

Not true. There is no secret well of untapped data sources, and no magic formula for standardizing large data sets. It takes a great effort with intricate SQL queries to standardize the data. Most do it pretty well, no one does it perfectly, but we do it as well or better than anyone else. When you join karmadata we don’t force you to adopt a proprietary taxonomy, we leave that to the industry experts. That means we speak in terms of MeSH or ICD-9 for disease, United Nations for geography, INN/USAN for drug, etc.

Myth #2: “Our Sources are Different”

Not true. The foundation of any clinical operations data solution is; any inference to the contrary is disingenuous. BMIS, PubMed, and CLIIL are also essential additions. NPPES and NIH RePORTER are nice complements as well. Your data vendor probably pulls from all of these sources. But so do we.

Myth #3: “Our Data is Proprietary”

Not True. The data vendors don’t really own the data; you do., PubMed, and the like are supposed to be open data sources. While there are many limitations to the data in its rawest form, that doesn’t change the fact that the data is owned by the public. Our mission is to curate the world’s open data, and give it back to the people who truly own it.

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