Core Curriculum in US

Brendan Kelleher —  May 13, 2013 — Leave a comment

I stumbled upon this commencement speech on on Friday.  It got me thinking a little bit on higher education in the US, and in particular, the core curriculum at many colleges and universities.  I think there is great value in a liberal arts education, but I always thought the core curriculum could be adjusted a little bit to guarantee some basic skills are acquired along the way.  Here is what the core curriculum looks like for the college of Arts & Sciences at my alma mater: Core Curriculum – Boston College

I like the wide spectrum of material covered and the variety of ways that it exercises the brain, but of the 15 courses needed to complete the core curriculum, I would require a computer science course (per the aforementioned article), a basic finance course, and maybe an accounting course.

Maybe there are others that should be a requirement as well?

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