karmadata Announces Launch Of App Gallery And The Indicate Investigators App

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Making it easier to find and contact clinical investigators for studies based on experience in disease indications.

karmadata (www.karmadata.com) today announced the launch of its App Gallery, a revolutionary new technology platform for publishing healthcare data applications targeting user populations with very precise needs. Today also marks the official release of Indicate Investigators, the first App published in the gallery and built entirely with the karmadata API. Indicate Investigators is used by clinical operations users that need to find the best clinical investigators for any given disease indication – and then they are able to contact each investigator using emails and phone numbers supplied by the app.

“Our App Gallery represents a dramatic shift in how healthcare data applications are created, purchased, and enjoyed by the user,” said Sean Power Founder and CEO of karmadata. “We see enormous pent up demand for simple, fun to use, micro applications that are designed for a specific business purpose for specific users. We believe each App should make the user feel like it was designed for him or her personally. “

“Each clinical investigator found in the Indicate Investigators app has been linked to healthcare data across our platform, ranging from past studies, publications, grants, site and practice affiliations, payments from industry, and so much more,” said Brendan Kelleher, Chief Data Scientist of karmadata. “Our users simply type in a disease indication, and are presented with a list of investigators with experience in that indication. The list is then sorted by kdScore™ which considers all relevant data for that investigator for that indication. Each investigator has contact information such as phone number and email address.”

Indicate Investigators profiles over 300,000 clinical investigators across 4,000 disease indications, using data from sources such as the Bioresearch Monitoring Information System (BMIS – IND Filings), ClinicalTrials.gov, PubMed, Clinical Investigator Inspection List (CLIIL), National Plan and Provider Enumeration System (NPPES), and many more. The raw source data is pushed through karmadata’s technology platform, and emerges as standardized, linked data. This allows for rich profiling of each clinical investigator, and the ability to query and visualize by related entities such as disease indication, geography, drugs, sponsors, healthcare organizations and other affiliations.

About karmadata

karmadata is healthcare (big) data, simplified. The karmadata team is on a mission to change the way users obtain and interact with healthcare information. Using big data and cloud technologies, we are able to standardize and link the world’s healthcare data ranging from leading open data sources to private pharmacy and medical claims. Our users can then follow items of interest (such as diseases, drugs, physicians, or corporations) through a real time Feed, and create impactful visualizations through their Datacards.

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