karmadata Integration for SalesForce.com

abbywellskd —  April 15, 2015 — Leave a comment

How convenient would it be if you were able to receive karmadata updates and news at a place you navigate to every day?  If you use SalesForce.com for CRM, now you can.

With the karmadata/SalesForce integration you are able to link your accounts within SalesForce to the karmadata company entity.  Once linked you will receive the same updates as you would in karmadata, but directly within your SalesForce workflow.  Below you are able to see an example of an account page on SalesForce when it is linked to karmadata.


By clicking on the links provided in the feed, you will be directed to the source where the record came from.This allows you to see updates and add tasks to SalesForce if you want to reach out to the company, etc.  It will change the way you do business development by blending sales data with data about the company itself.

The integration also incorporates critical metrics about the company directly within the SalesForce account page:Account__ViiV_Healthcare___salesforce_com_-_Enterprise_Edition

To link any SalesForce account to karmadata, it’s as easy as pulling up the list and clicking “link”.  When you start to use the integration, you will be able to filter between linked and unlinked companies to organize and keep track of who you are and aren’t following.salesforce_com_-_Enterprise_Edition Once you have companies in SalesForce linked to karmadata, you will be able to run reports that leverage both CRM data and karmadata metrics.  Through these reports you will be able to filter and sort companies in an organized manner by zeroing in on the most active companies or those with recent financing.  Consider the example of sorting on companies that have not been contacted in several months, but that have recently closed on financing.



By combining great data with streamlined workflow, the karmadata SalesForce.com app is changing the business development game in the clinical trial space.

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