Clinical Trials’ Day

abbywellskd —  May 20, 2015 — Leave a comment

Today, we take the time to thank and support all clinical research professionals on International Clinical Trials’ Day.  Many would think that this day was just picked by some organization to celebrate the success of clinical trials throughout the years.  But, in fact May 20th is the date when James Lind started his famous trial on how to treat scurvy.  We have come a long way since having a clinical trial to treat scurvy. Lind paved the way for clinical discovery and finding new means of treatment.

One of the main obstacles with clinical trials today is recruitment.  Organizations are having a difficult time getting the bodies they need for the trials they are conducting. Without participation, these trials can not have an effective outcome, or even worse, no outcome at all.  What many do not know is that for some, participation may be a form of treatment.  For example, for breast cancer patients clinical trials are no longer just an extra thing to do.  Instead, a trial may be their best option for breast cancer treatment.  This can also be said for many other health concerns out there.

If you check out the data card below, you are able to see the number of clinical trials that are currently recruiting across the United States:19_9K_Clinical_Trials_related_to_51_Site_States___karmadataI was shocked when I saw how many thousands of trials fall under this status, especially when it is only focusing in on the U.S.  There are endless amount of patients across the globe who are waiting for new therapies and new drugs to emerge into the market.  There is a need for more and more clinical trials, but we also need the patients to take part in these trials.  I believe that if we focus on the patient side by providing them with better information to understand clinical trials, then more will be able to take the initiative to participate.  I have seen an increase in the number of trials even over this past year alone.  I look forward to seeing what this year has in store for the clinical trials industry.

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