Venture+ Forum – Final Pitch Competition

abbywellskd —  March 2, 2016 — Leave a comment

Venture+ Forum will be taking place at this year’s #HIMSS16 conference.  Today, four finalists (, Flow Health, Sansoro Health, and VUCA Health) selected by the Venture+ Forum, will be presenting their healthtech solutions at the final pitch competition.  

At the conference, one of the main topics of discussion and concern has been around patient engagement and improving one’s personal healthcare experience.  All four of these companies, although very different in their solutions, touch upon improving the patient experience in some way. has a goal to increase the provider panel size by 30%.  Instead of wasting a physician’s time and money, it focuses on getting patients appointments that wouldn’t be filled otherwise.  It focuses on the patient by lowering the costs and time it takes to be seen. The solution has a positive impact on the practice, but makes sure to tune into the patient’s needs as well.Flow Health’s main focus is to connect patients to their web of doctors and care.  While the doctors will be able to have a better view of a patient’s health history, the patient is given the reigns to what data is made available.  With the “social networking” experience, all of the data will be updated in real time.  Flow Health’s vision is all about giving the patient full control of their data.

Sansoro Health‘s open APIs for EMR interoperability (another buzz topic of #HIMSS16) connect 3rd party tech products with major EMR platforms.  Practices will be able to meet integration needs that were too expensive or difficult to meet before.  Although this solution isn’t in direct contact with the patient, the end result will improve patient outcomes.  Sansoro’s solution will improve the clinician’s workflow and they’ll be able to treat a patient more effectively and efficiently.

MedsOnCue by VUCA Health, provides on demand prescription consulting.  If a patient loses their medication info sheet, they can get in touch to get questions answered about dosage, side effects, etc.  This service is fully focused on the patient’s experience.  We are likely to pick a service that feels tailored specifically to our needs at the moment.  Having a type of consulting service for our medication questions, gives us that exact feeling (especially when they are answered right away).  Patients will have access to pharmacies, medical reminders, a video library, and additional resources.

Who will come out on top?  Tune in today at 2PM PST for the final pitch competition.

UPDATE: Sansoro Health came out on top.  CEO Jeremy Pierotti began with a straightforward elevator pitch: “Connecting to EMR’s is too hard, EMR integration takes too long. Our application, Emissary sets you free.” Pierotti said that Emissary makes it possible “to connect any software to an EMR.”

The Venture+ Forum audience was also invited to text in their own personal votes, and in that competition, was the winner.  Not surprising, as had the solution that seemed to be the most patient focused.


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