Identify Top Clinical Investigators

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If you are involved in the study start up process, you know how important it is to have the best investigators.  Having the best investigators allows you to be successful in enrolling patients.  Many have their own investigator database, but when there is difficulty, they usually resort to PubMed, registries, and other data.  This data is difficult to navigate and becomes a time suck.

Indicate Investigators has all the data available, but organizes it in a way that is easy to navigate and will save you time.

Below is the launch page to search by Drug/Drug Class OR Disease.  We curate all publicly available sources that have data on investigators, mining the data from its native html, text or XML, and loading into structured, linked data on each Investigator. We know what trials they participated in, how many trials, and how frequently they work within specific disease indications.

II Blog3

Once you decide what to search for, you will be directed to the results page of all investigators involved in that indication.  You can filter your search even more (# of clinical trials, location, medical speciality, trial phase, trial description, trial inclusion/exclusion criteria).  If you don’t want to filter any further, you can begin to check out the following; a heat map of where the investigators are located, a bubble chart of the active industry trials, or the investigators themselves.  You will be able to access the investigator’s up to date emails, phone numbers and addresses, making feasibility and outreach much easier.
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All investigators are listed in order of their kdScore.  We score each Investigator within each of our 4,500 disease indications using an algorithm that takes into consideration 10s of millions of records. This big data approach ensures we are capturing all of the relevant information elements so that you can focus on outreach to the BEST Investigators for your study.  Here is a little more detail of what the kdScore actually is:  II Blog2

All of the information listed can be exported to excel as an organized spreadsheet of 5 tabs including; trial info, investigator details, relationships between investigators, and a breakdown of the number of sites by country.

To learn more about Indicate Investigators, feel free to reach out to OR sign up for a webinar at

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